Unexpected happiness.

So today’s blog was going to be another recipe but after today’s events I couldn’t not scream and shout.

I knew last week that candice brown was going to be in Chester, a city not far from me and one of my baristas is also massive on baking and candice.

She was in work when candice was in town, we planned to ‘race’ her to Manchester later that day.

After some banter over Twitter  (yes she tweeted me back, I can’t believe it either)

This is my personal account feel free to follow either this @official_blakey or my new Twitter @blakebakesblog especially for my blogs.

So we set off.. we were worried we wouldn’t make it to Manchester on time (obviously we were driving carefully)

We arrived at wh smith and I started to think we were at the wrong one after trying to find it all out earlier.

As we were walking to the back of the shop.. she’s stood right in front of me.. my own eyes were witnessing the goddess of cake.

Then as she is in my eyes I spot her dogs! (I’m also a massive dog lover) AND DENNIS WAS THERE!

I kind of felt sorry for liam to be honest. His girlfriend and two dogs getting all this attention.

As I ran over to Dennis for a stroke. I made a joke with liam ‘seeing Dennis makes me just as happy’

He must have thought, how easily pleased is this lad! 

It was our turn. Like I said earlier I went with one of my baristas from work and her little girl who also egged on candice in GBBO last year.

She asked my name to sign the book and I continued to tell her I’m the one off Twitter last night and we joked further about racing and how I ‘only hit 8 speed camera’s’ 

She is such a lovely woman! An inspiration, an amazing baker.

I was going to take some baked along with me for her, went and forgot to bring them along with me. Maybe next time right? 

We then had some pictures with her all together 

Which we then joked on how it would look like an awkward family photo. And we said our goodbyes. 

It was a short but sweet visit. We then went on for a Starbucks  (traiting on costa oops) to calm our nerves what actually just happened.

As candice would say.. 

‘With love and icing sugar’



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