Adele, cronuts, halloumi fries and London.

So last weekend I was due to see Adele in her last of 123 shows on her massive world tour. 

On the Saturday morning we woke up at 5am (I know dedication right) to the news she cancelled the final two shows due to her damaging her vocals again. Obviously massive condolences to her and hoping a speedy recovery but we still went ahead with our trip. I had so much food stops planned. 

After a busy day right seeing on the Saturday we started the Sunday with…. yep that’s right.. FOOD.

Firstly we stopped off at Dominique ansels and picked up some cronuts before they sold out (if you’re planning on getting some make sure you’re up early. Once they’re gone they really are. I learnt that the hard way) the queue wasn’t too long, like when I visited the new york city bakery. 

So after we secured and grabbed our cronuts we spotted a little pub across the road that did breakfast, so we crossed the (busy) road as safely as we could and had a nice early Sunday morning feast.

A full English and cronuts  for after, does it get any better? I know you got it.. that is coke in the background, I really let myself down while I was in London.

Each month the unique cronut flavour changes. This month was a fragrant strawberry jam with lavender clotted cream.  

Though I was very full from the breakfast, I had syked myself up for this very moment since returning from NYC.

IT WAS FULL OF JAM AND CREAM. Almost like it was filled too much, wait is there such a thing as filled too much? Naah! It was amazing. 

Yet again Mr Ansel has impressed me. My next goal is to visit his bakery in Japan.

After spending the rest of the morning sightseeing around this area and seeing the famous platform nine and three quarters we decided our next stop would be Camden. 

Camden is a quirky little area which has amazing musical history with the likes of Amy Winehouse from the area, but obviously that wasn’t my main focus here.. I was after halloumi fries from Oli baba 

 I had seen these popping up on Facebook and Twitter quite often and as I already was a lover of halloumi I would be stupid to miss out on these.

His little stall in this overly busy market in Camden was the only one with a queue. Obviously other people had the same idea as me. 

By the time we got to going for some the queue died down a bit.. lucky me. 

I took my opportunity and jumped into the queue. I literally only waited 5 minutes. They were so fast, as well as all the friendly chatter with all the customers.

It was my turn and I got them so we sat by the river with them to enjoy the sunshine.. It’s not that often we get to do this over in great Britain.

So they frie the halloumi, then cover it with chilli sauce, mint yogurt and wait for it.. pomegranate seeds. I was a bit sceptical with that at first, but they really complimented all the different flavours. 

Overall I would say the nicest halloumi I have ever tried. Cheese is a wonderful thing.

So that was my trip to London with my top two eating stops from the Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed my views on the two stops I was looking forward to over the weekend. 



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