A turn for the worst? Or the best? 

So following on from my last post.. 

I’ve been feeling much better since binning the fizzy drinks. Water only for over a week..

That was until sunday..
 So I’ll backtrack to Sunday morning
I’d been eating healthy for a bit now as I was running the Manchester 10k that afternoon. All went well. Great atmosphere and support from all locals as I was supporting them at this terribly dark time.

We finished got home. We went out for an Indian as a treat, I had a glass of coke 


On our way back I was regretting my choices, I felt I’d let myself down after 9 days.. that night.. I was back to my usual self. Sleepless nights. Can’t get myself to sleep can’t wake up. 

Yesterday was an exhausting day.

Today I woke up at 7am, despite wanting a lie in. Thought to myself ‘I’m going to make the most of this’ so I did. I got up, did exercises, went and walked the dogs, went to aldi, made a few (healthy)dinners for work this week, and even had some overnight oats of made a batch of a few days ago. By 10:30am I was in work and ready for my day. 

I think this means I’m off the fizzies for good now.


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