Right, this isn’t a food blog as such but more of a rant blog.

I’ve not been great with sleeping patterns EVER.. but this past month or so has been absolutely awful. Which explains my lack of blogging.

Struggling to sleep, struggling to wake up. My poor team, friends and family have dealt with breakdowns, laughs, craziness and more than likely wanted to kill me. 

I try my hardest to show weakness, few breakdowns in the car when no one could even see me.

Random days I was feeling on top of the world. Nothing could stop me. 

Other days. I’m tired, exayated, grumpy, sick feelings and headaches. These are usually most days.

I was noticing a pattern in my grump days. The days I’d been drinking a certain fizzy drink the day before. I’d debated going to the doctors thought I was being silly so decided to take matters into my own hands while in NYC and not drink this certain drink.. I was feeling (apart from jet lagged, and fat from my cake consumption) great. 
When I returned I drank one of these drinks again.. And suddenly I’m back to my usual self. Again thought surely a drink can’t be responsible for this I don’t even drink them that often.. few days later a friend tagged me in a post on Facebook about a certain new ingredient in the drink which after some research does give these side effects.

I’ve now been off these drinks for about 5 days and feeling exactly the same.

I’ve now resulted in banning all fizzy drinks out of my diet completely.

It’s now 12am and I’m wide awake with a 24 hour headache needing to be up in 7 hours so find myself writing this post. 

After tweeting this company and having no response.. I did some research on the company and found other people with these issues.

The whole reason to this blog tonight is to spread the awareness of aspartame and how awful it can make you feel. 

If you are drinking any low sugar / sugar free / sports / energy drink. Endure this isn’t in the ingredients first. 

Not all diet drinks are so great for you.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has had the same issues as me with drinks. Click contact me and let me know.


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