NYC – The Black Tap

Okay, I get it. What happened to weekly blogs right?

Truthfully I’ve been meaning to blog but been so busy. Quick catch up on my life.. I had to take over a second store at work as they had no manager and things have been a bit crazy! I’ve still been baking. I have pictures and all still fresh in my mind so I can get back into blogging, back in January I applied for Bake off and made it to phone interview stage But sadly didn’t make it any further. But everything happens for a reason right?

Last week I headed off to the capital of food.. (quite literally the way I ate) NEW YORK CITY!

So now I’m back.. My first blog is obviously going to base on this trip.. one place in particular it was a burger and shake bar!

It was a tiny little bar in Soho, lower Manhattan.. a couple of blocks from Dominique ansels bakery.. But that place is a whole new story 😍

The bar is called ‘the black tap’ and SO worth the trip! As we walked in all we wanted was a freak shake.. it’s one thing is wanted while over there and got directed to this bar.

They handed us a menu! Cheese burger? Award winning wings? Anything. At 15 dollars I couldn’t turn it down. We settled for burgers.. the meat completely fat free with no gristle, there was plenty of cheese on it. The best bit 😍! The chips were like real home made fries with the skin still on! 1000% not the most healthy but would easily say THE nicest burger I’ve ever had!

While eating this the guy behind the bar asked if we were still looking for a shake after so it could be prepared for after. We weren’t sure.. But it’s what we came for and thought.. when in Rome  (well new york but you know the saying)

We went for the cotton candy / strawberry and the peanut butter one’s! They brought them to us and just WOW! Literally so overwhelming at the size and effort that goes into these beauties

I think I managed most of it and left about an inch at the bottom and couldn’t handle any more. It was so amazing and would say this is one of the highlights of the whole trip.

If you are in NYC or live near there and for some ungodly reason haven’t yet then go!

The service was great. The food was great. The shakes were great. The whole experience was just great!




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