Opting for a take away, and fancied something different. There is a peri peri place near me called ‘zaituns’ and I thought I’d give it a go and here is my thoughts.

Firstly, corn on the cob! It just doesn’t get any better! It came bagged up and as soon as I opened the bag, BAM it smelt so buttery. It was soft and juicy!

Spicy rice was just like nandos! I mean EXACTLY like nandos! It was just right! A little tang to it but perfect!

Cheesy chips are one of my favourite take away options. The cheesier the better.

Lastly the wings. I opted for the medium spice. This is my choice isn’t nandos usually. This was slightly hotter. But not enough to hurt! It was so so good.
By defeated I mean I very sadly didn’t manage to finish it all! Left 2 (out of 5) wings, half of the rice and half of the chips. Do not fear! None of this will be wasted, it’s too amazing to be wasted!

Over all I would definitely say 5 stars *****


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