Guilty Pleasure.

OK, so I know this blog is all about food. That doesn’t mean it has to all be unhealthy right?

I’m going to try and balance out the healthy and unhealthy posts..

But for now..

I know everything about this meal is just wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no health guru but this isn’t a regular meal for me!

Apart from the cake and chocolate. I try to maintain a healthy-ish lifestyle!

I can actually live off peppers and cucumber.

You have just got to indulge every now and then.

So toast.. it’s wholemeal bread.. this is my justification towards this whole meal, even if it is caked in butter. 

Egg. Those who know me know I’m not a lover of egg, at all! I won’t even eat mayo at the thought of egg inside it. But today I wanted to brave it! I opted for the fried egg as I wanted to jump right into the deep end. I enjoyed it!

Baked beans with little sausage.. I’ve heard baked beans are quite good for you, the tin tells me otherwise.

Bacon grill.. my BIGGEST guilty pleasure. I absolutely hate eating it and the thought about it, yet when ever I indulge on a greasy breakfast I will choose to have this. Bacon grill is a greasy processed meat which doesn’t feel healthy in the slightest.


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